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2023 Legislative Update
Volunteers Needed: Provide Foster Children and Unforgettable Day on the Water
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Inaugural Oregon Boating Advocacy Day
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Matt Radich, President of Active Water Sports, takes viewers on a tour of the Newberg Pool, arguably one of the most highly regulated bodies of water in Oregon.


Towed Sports in the Newberg Pool

The Newberg Pool is a 20-mile section of the Willamette River from river mile 30-50, roughly between Roger's Landing in Newberg and Bernert Landing in West Linn. 


Willamette River Safety

We have an amazing and diverse river community. It's important to share with our fellow water enthusiasts important rules and tips for how to coexist together safely on the water.


About Oregon Families for Boating

Oregon Families for Boating is a community of boating enthusiasts, clubs and local small businesses dedicated to ensuring boating opportunities are accessible to all Oregonians.