Help us support the campaigns of pro-boating candidates in the upcoming Oregon elections. Oregon Families for Boating, will be raising money and backing candidates who support our recreational boating community and will preserve waterway access.

With increasing overregulation of Oregon’s waterways, the boating community’s engagement in the political process is more important than ever. That’s why, Oregon Families for Boating has created its own Political Action Committee (PAC) to ensure our voices are heard in the state Capitol. 


Another way Oregonians can advocate for fair access to our waterways is to support elected officials who voted against Senate Bill 1589. Many are coming up for reelection soon. Below is a complete list of how our elected officials cast their vote. You can confirm who your local legislators are here. Stay tuned for the Oregon Families for Boating election guide by following us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We’ll be recommending pro-boating candidates to vote for throughout the election season.

Voted FOR Newberg Pool Restrictions

Rep. Alonso Leon - Senator Anderson - Senator Armitage - Senator Beyer - President Courtney - Rep. Campos - Senator Dembrow - Rep. Dexter - Rep. Fahey - Senator Findley - Senator Frederick - Senator Gelser Blouin - Senator Golden - Rep. Gomberg - Senator Gorsek - Rep. Grayber - Senator Hansell - Rep. Helm - Rep. Hoy - Rep. Holvey - Rep. Hudson - Senator Jama - Senator Kennemer - Senator Knopp - Rep. Kropf - Senator Lawrence Spence - Senator Lieber - Senator Linthicum - Rep. Lively - Senator Manning Jr - Rep. Marsh - Rep. McLain - Rep. Nathanson - Rep. Nelson - Rep. Neron - Rep. Nosse - Senator Patterson - Rep. Power - Rep. Pham - Senator Prozanski - Rep. Prusak - Rep. Reardon - Rep. Reynolds - Speaker Rayfield - Rep. Sanchez - Rep. Salinas - Rep. Schouten - Rep. Smith G. - Rep. Smith Warner - Senator Steiner Hayward - Senator Sollman - Rep. Sosa - Senator Taylor - Rep. Valderrama - Senator Wagner - Rep. Wilde - Rep. Witt

Voted AGAINST Newberg Pool Restrictions

Rep. Bonham - Rep. Bynum - Rep. Cate - Rep. Evans - Rep. George - Rep. Goodwin - Rep. Hayden - Rep. Hieb - Rep. Levy - Rep. Lewis - Rep. Meek - Rep. Morgan - Rep. Moore-Green - Rep. Noble - Rep. Owens - Rep. Reschke - Rep. Ruiz - Rep. Scharf - Rep. Smith DB - Rep. Stark - Senator Thatcher - Rep. Wallan - Rep. Weber - Rep. Williams - Rep. Wright - Rep. Zika