Newberg Pool Bill Passes Senate Committee

February 15, 2022 - Unfortunately additional towed water sports restrictions are one step closer to becoming a reality. The Senate Committee on Energy and Environment moved SB 1589 forward last night despite the majority of community opposing at the public hearing. Next up the bill is headed for a vote on the Senate floor. Any day now all 30 Oregon Senators will vote whether to keep this bill moving forward. Boaters should continue to voice their opposition by taking two minutes to call their Senator’s office today. Visit our Act Now page to look up your Senator’s contact information now.

Just how close is this bill to becoming a reality? Too close for comfort! It’s imperative the boating community continue to oppose every step of the way. Here are the steps needed for SB 1589 to become law.

1: Bill Introduced in Senate

2: Bill Referred to Committee

3: Senate Public Hearing

4: Senate Committee Vote

5: Senate Floor Vote (We Are Here)

6: House Public Hearing

7: House Committee Vote

8: House Floor Vote

9: Bill Signed by Governor


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